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Steve Nelson

12 - Dec - 2014

Musician, Teacher, Performer,saxophonist, Engineer and Producer,composer.


Music Tuition in Ayrshire/Lanarkshire/Glasgow

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Welcome to Steve Nelson Online

Looking for a music tutor in Ayrshire/Lanarkshire? My name is Steve Nelson and my music school has been established for 25 years, situated in Ayr.

I am a professional musician and have been providing many different services for all ages and in all styles incuding classical, jazz, rock, country, blues, pop, recording and composition services, Jazz musician, church worship leader, singer songwriter, discussion forum on worship and christian music. I also offer full music recording and production facility which is available for hire, .


The aim of my music tuition in Ayrshire, is to provide high quality individual or group music lessons, equipping students to develop creativity within themselves. Creativity and originality are becoming very rare in our fast moving, instant culture.

Improvisation using the modes focusing on creativity and originality is encouraged. You can improvise on any instrument, and creativity is is something you can learn, once you develop a working knowledge of your instument, and learn to overcome the fear of failure.


I have been teaching music in Ayrshire since 1985, and have a performance based training method. playing in various rock bands, big bands, small ensembles, orchestras, soloist both as singer songwriter and saxophonist, also co-founded the Christian rock band Triumph. This band became signed to an independent record label and toured extensively throughout Europe, recording several albums, and playing large festival venues, and many TV and radio appearances.

In the mid '90s I attended the National Jazz Institute at Strathclyde University and studied jazz with Tommy Smith. I am registered tutor with RGT and also as a tutor with the European Academy for Culture and the Arts which I have produced 4 study modules for them.

My fresh and dynamic approach to music tuition is in demand, recent projects have included a community music project in Ayr for the council and social work department. I teach guitar, saxophone, keyboard, and bass with group, or one to one participation. I also run a fully functioning recording studio which offers support to produce a final CD, originating from a basic idea with performance and production advice/assistance along the way.

My main interest today is to actively equip and encourage others to release their creative potential in playing music creatively. Improvisation using chord scales and other means can become an exiting life study.....something I am currently improving upon all the time...beware of musicians who claim they have arrived!...check out some of the better older jazz musicians who would be the first to admit they are still learning!

Get In Touch

So, for music lessons in Ayrshire and Glasgow and the surrounding areas, get in touch with me today on 07739 160 856. Alternatively, if you want more information, get in touch via the form on our contact page with any questions or queries.

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